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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Less is Better

Anyone who has taken one of my tours knows that my mantra is travel light. One medium-sized carry-on bag is all you need. Really. But don’t just take my word for it. Doug Dyment, “the go-light guru” of lists five reasons why traveling light is a good idea.

SECURITY. Eliminating the need to give your luggage over to the care of others, you are much less likely to lose your belongings to theft, damage, or misrouting.

ECONOMY. You eliminate checked baggage fees, don’t have to pay porters, and can take public transportation. You might even choose to walk, bringing you into contact with the people and places that you have come to visit.

FLEXIBILITY. Less stuff means greater mobility, which gives you more travel options. You can more easily deal with delayed transportation and missed connections, switch to earlier flights when space is available, don’t need to arrive at airports as early, and you will be among the first to leave, while others wait for baggage delivery and long inspection queues. You can board trains, trams and coaches easily. You can sell your airplane seat, by volunteering to be “bumped” on full flights.

SERENITY. If there is a bottom line, it’s that traveling light is simply a better, more hassle-free way to go. Packing takes less time, you waste less energy hauling stuff, you know what you have and where everything is. Foreign travel can be especially challenging because it is unfamiliar and unpredictable, but the one-bag traveler copes by operating from a solid, familiar, well-considered foundation, with fewer unnecessary things to worry about.

ECOLOGY. Traveling light also yields long-term benefits to the planet. Less stuff to manufacture, less use of vehicles and other equipment to move you and your things about, less fuel for the vehicles that do move you, less greenhouse gas production, less damage to our celestial home, greater likelihood of upcoming generations being around and able to do some traveling of their own. As Dyment puts it, “It’s not often that the most convenient option is also the most environmentally responsible.”

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