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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department


Boulder City is rich with potential victims of various scams. The world is also full of swindlers looking to make a buck at your expense – they salivate at the mere thought of infiltrating our community. We must all be ever-vigilant in looking after our neighbors as well as ourselves; with the proliferation of the Internet, we are all more vulnerable than ever before.

We receive reports on various scams throughout our community whereas people are being asked for funds, account numbers and other personal information. More recently, residents report being solicited via the email or telephone where someone states they are calling on behalf of a relative, usually a child or grandchild. They have information on the person purported to need assistance and attempt to convince the would-be victim to send money to assist their sibling. While most residents do not fall for this scam, it is something that some have fallen victim to.

We have great guardians of our funds throughout Boulder City at the various banking institutions as well as money-wiring facilities. They are never reluctant to call the police department if something sounds dubious, which has saved members of our community a lot of money over the years. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind should you be solicited for funds.

First and foremost, if you receive a call from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of a relative you should call the alleged relative in need. It has been our experience that this person is usually not in harm’s way. Secondly, you can always call the police department. We would love nothing more than to respond on these types of calls prior to money being transferred. Other trusted relatives and trusted friends may also assist you in determining whether the request is valid.

Two important numbers to have in the event you do become a victim: Boulder City Police Department 702-293-9224 and Office of the Attorney General 702-486-3132.

Telemarketing is also a common way for non-profits to raise money for their noble cause. They often have contracts with telemarketing firms that are very lucrative - for the telemarketing firm. If you wish to donate to a specific organization, your money may be better utilized for its intended purpose if you wrote the check directly to that organization, bypassing the “middle man.”

Stay safe!

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