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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

New Budget

Over the last month I fought to cut federal spending and require government to live within its means, something that every Nevada family understands well.

The budget that was agreed for the rest of this fiscal year is a responsible way to reduce the deficit that will strengthen our economy and our state. Next, we need to work on a more comprehensive plan to reestablish fiscal discipline and lay a foundation for long term economic growth, while sharing burdens in a fair and responsible way.

The new Republican budget reflects upside-down priorities – it protects special interest subsidies and tax breaks for multi-millionaires, while undermining Medicare and other programs that are essential for seniors and middle-class families. The Republican budget ends Medicare as we know it – converting it into a privatized, voucher-type program that will double seniors costs and eliminate all guaranteed health benefits. Meanwhile, the GOP’s proposed 50% cut in Medicaid threatens to harm many seniors in nursing homes, people with disabilities and children.

Unfortunately, many Republicans also remain eager to privatize Social Security, or at least to make deep cuts in the benefits that seniors have earned. I strongly oppose these efforts and am committed to keeping the promise that has been made to our seniors. While Social Security does face long-term challenges, the program is not in crisis and it would be a terrible mistake to put benefits at the mercy of Wall Street. Residents of Boulder City can imagine what would have happened had the fate of their Social Security check been left up to the market 10 years ago.

I believe that we can cut fraud and waste and reduce government spending without destroying Medicare or undermining Social Security. We’ve already agreed to make $78.5 billion in cuts, while standing up for the middle class, women, and seniors, and helping to create jobs across Nevada. As we go further in efforts to reduce our nation’s debt, I hope that leaders in both parties will come together to support spending cuts for wasteful special interest giveaways, while protecting the middle class, seniors, and critical investments in our economic future.

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