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Spotlight on Business

Boulder Dam Brewing Co.
By Todd Cook, Bru Guru

“There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or pub.” – Samuel Johnson

It has been said by many much wiser than me that nothing builds and fosters a community better than a good pub. A good pub, or “public house,” brings people together. It brings families together for a meal. It brings friends together over drinks. It brings communities together for music, celebrations and charitable endeavors. Boulder City doesn’t just have a good pub. It has a great one.

Here at Boulder Dam Brewing Co., known locally as The Brewpub, we’ve been doing all those things for over four years, and we’re just getting started. We just completed a major renovation of our kitchen to bring more families together over lunch and dinner. Recent improvements in brewing technology is allowing us “little guys” access to the highest quality ingredients, giving us the chance to brew world class beers in order to bring more friends together.

We’ve recently gone one step further in bringing our community closer. In June of last year, we collaborated with the coffee wizards at Boulder Bean (1629 ½ Nevada Hwy) to produce Boulder Bean Espresso Stout. The addition of 500 freshly-brewed shots of Boulder Bean espresso made this stout something people are still talking about. Plus, it introduced our patrons to Boulder Bean, and theirs to us. Two months ago, we joined forces again. The Irish Cream Espresso Stout released on St. Patrick’s Day was another tasty success for both of us. This month, we’re working with Grandma Daisy’s (530 Nevada Hwy) to create a chocolate stout, tentatively named Grandma Daisy’s Cough Medicine.

To keep up with all the shenanigans we’re brewing, from menu changes to beers to music to charities, join our free MVP Club! Just email me at or stop by the pub. It’s your public house!

Join us for Hoppy Hour! Monday - Friday, 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Boulder Dam Brewing Co. is located at 453 Nevada Highway, you can contact us at 243-2739 or at our website

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