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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Our City Workers

We live in a unique community in Southern Nevada. We do things differently here than other cities in this area. We take pride in our small town lifestyle. I feel that it is important to point out that we have city employees who are dedicated to making Boulder City a wonderful place to live.

We benefit from the services of those who work for the city. Many of them work tirelessly behind the scenes. When they do their job well, which is most often the case, there is little recognition or thanks for their efforts. But on the occasion when they fall short of the expectations of an individual or handful of citizens, they are sure to hear about it. Yes, these people are paid for the jobs they perform, but I also hope you realize that for many of them, their job is also their passion. They care deeply about the work they do, the city they serve and the lives they affect. Because of their service, we enjoy a small town lifestyle with beautiful parks, clean streets, safe neighborhoods and reliable services. We have a strong recreation program with many options for people of all ages.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our city employees. To all of you that serve so well, thank you.

The Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department and Friends of the Arts sponsor a series of concerts throughout the year that take place at the Library Amphitheater located at 801 Adams Blvd. This spring, you will be treated to the Las Vegas Brass Band on May 7th and Out of the Desert bluegrass group on June 18th with both concerts starting at 7 p.m. On May 14th, you will enjoy the best of Boulder City’s talent with the BC’s Got Talent showcase of Boulder City residents’ musical talents. So, tell your neighbors and bring a friend for an evening of Boulder City’s “small town lifestyle” at it’s best.

For more information or to perform at the Boulder City’s Got Talent event, contact Friends of the Arts President; Christy Springgate-Hill at 812-6449.

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