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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Events in the Middle East

On a weekly basis, my geography class discusses current of events of this ever changing world that sits before us. But one piece of news that really catches my attention is all the action going on in the Middle East.

We are seeing many countries finally entering into a position of democratic rule. It all started with the ousting of President Ali of Tunisia, and has had a sort of Doppler-type effect on the region.

I am completely intrigued to see what effects new ideas have, and how quickly they can spread. After Tunisia, we see much conflict arising in other nations looking for Democracy. Look at the protesting in Bahrain and Yemen. Its also amazing the stepping down of leaders from Mubarak of Egypt to the resignation of Assad in Syria.

However, one situation really bothered me, and I was very happy with the resistance of the rebel forces. This was the situation in Libya. I was purely astounded hearing about Muammar Gaddafi‘s awful military force, brutalizing his own peoples. As I finish writing this article, things seem to be moving in favor of the rebel forces. All power to the rebels, I say, as they have had quite a battle with an awful and inhumane leader. This is something quite admirable, risking it all for freedom and a government of their choice.

I see this almost as reliving the past of the U.S. 200 years later. Our ideology and ways have truly influenced the world, as we can see. The colonists felt they were under tight control which they endured, and they wanted democracy. They took action, united together, and won their independence. We can easily see this determination in the rebel groups, wanting to overthrow the tyranny and control of their dictators. This is something I think is kind of inspiring, re-inventing yourself and fighting for your rights.

Inspiration; in a time where the global economy isn’t so great, and war wages in the world. But the determination and will of these peoples to dethrone the evil powers which rule them are quite incredible. This encourages us to be thankful for what we have, wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, it shows just how strong the good spirits, when united, can be.

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