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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder C
ity Art Guild

Chris Frasto:
Gallery Owner Extrodinaire

Pert, charming and bubbling over with unique ideas, Corner Gallery owner Chris Frausto has come up with an exciting way to celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” and help the community.

This year she is sponsoring an auction featuring both new and established artists from the community for the benefit of Family Promise. Artists and aspiring artists are encouraged to come to the Corner Gallery and pick up a 5”x 5” canvas or two for $5.00 each. They may use any medium or style they wish to use to convey their ideas. These small works of art will then be sold at silent auction during the “Cinco de Mayo” celebration on May 5th at the Corner Gallery. Chris says she will have Mexican food and music for the celebration starting at 6:00p.m.

Chris hopes some of the more intimidated artists as well as established artists from the community will come forth to purchase a canvas or two and put their work up for display and bidding. The work will go on display as soon as the pieces start returning and silent bids may be made until 8:00 p.m. on Cinco de Mayo.

The bidding will cease at that time and the winners of small pieces will be announced. She hopes local collectors will take this opportunity to obtain some unique pieces of art. All proceeds will go to help the Family Promise project.

Family Promise is an organization helping families get a second chance. Families needing assistance are helped in finding jobs, homes and in learning how to organize their lives so they can maintain the jobs, homes and families once the assistance ends. The success rate for this organization is a wonderful 80%.

This is a show not to miss!

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