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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

An Enlightening Vacation: Part II

Being open minded to change is something essential to life, not just on your level, but on a universal level. Change is something we may not like, but on many occasions we are forced to deal with. This is why it is usually natural for the human species to not want to try new things.

On my vacation, I had so many things to try. There was one trait that I thought was wonderful that I had developed: open mindedness.

There were so many new things to try while I was on this retreat. I had to eat nearly all organic food, use organic house products, and live without television for three weeks. I also tried new foods, went to a fair for the first time, and even camped for the first time.

There were new experiences all around. I can certainly tell you, I sure did not want to test many of them at first. But, my brother Joshua James Gullo gave me a little piece of advice: “I know how awesome these people are. I have one thing to tell you; keep an open mind, and you will have a total blast.” 

I followed my wise kin’s advice. Now there were things that I didn’t do, like go to a 4-year-old's birthday party, or ask the girl in the neighboring car to marry me (my uncle has very unusual ideas), but I tried new things.

I cannot tell you how many new fruits and vegetables I ate, and how often my aunt (an organic horticulturist ) gave me fruit fresh off the vine, not cleaned because she said, “dirt is good for your body.”

But I must say the things I did were very pertinent to what my brother had told me to do. He said be open minded, not that I have to try EVERYTHING.

This reminds me of a cinema I have seen, “Yes Man”. The main character was told to do everything that crossed his path, but in the end he realized that it is important to be open minded, but that it is okay to not do something if you really don’t want to.

So, my message is this: Be daring, and try something new, but at the same time, remember it is still okay to say “No”.

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