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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Clogged Sinks
Plumbing can be a messy, smelly and altogether nasty job. Nobody wants to tackle these jobs but plumbers, who make good money doing the work that nobody else wants to undertake. However, some minor clogged plumbing can be dealt with as a part of your regular home maintenance plan.

You should keep a sharp eye out for signs of sluggish drains. It’s easier to unclog a slow drain than it is to open one that has completely stopped. When the drain is slow, pour scalding water down the pipe to loosen any build-up of grease. Also, clean the stopper or drain screen. The first tool most people grab to fight a sink clog is a simple bathroom plunger. Pick a plunger with a large enough suction cup to completely cover the drain and create an airtight seal against the surrounding sink. Fill the fixture with water to completely cover the suction cup. Seal off any other outlets, such as the overflow drain in sinks, to create a vacuum. Push out any trapped air beneath the cup, then give the plunger 15 to 20 vigorous up-and-down pumping strokes to jolt loose the clog. This may take 3 to 5 times to do the job.

When choosing chemical cleaners, pick the thicker products. These products stick to the inside of the pipe and give the chemicals better coverage and contact with the blockage. Allow the product to sit as directed, and follow with running water to test the drain. Read the instructions on the label and only use it as intended. Always use in a well-ventilated area and wear rubber gloves. Don’t use a plunger if a liquid cleaner is in the drain, or you risk splashing chemicals on your skin. And don’t pour them in if the drain is completely blocked. Otherwise you’ll be faced with a sink full of chemicals.

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