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Day Trip'n
by Ginny Gottfredson, Sales Manager
Lake Mead Cruises

Parks and Bread
Recently I took a turn through Veteran’s Memorial Park and was reminded what a good life we have in Boulder City! This beautiful 25 acre park is just one of over a dozen city parks. With September temperatures plummeting below the hundred and stupid mark finally, it’s time to stay home and take advantage!

Splash Park is a nifty place for kids big and little. Surrounded by volleyball courts, fishing pond, soccer fields, horseshoe pits and picnic areas, there is something for everyone.

The Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department will answer park questions at 293-9256. Damon Ohlerking left Boulder City a proud legacy – before his vision and magic green touch, medians and other public areas were less than ordinary. Boulder City is a far better place for his having been here.

Eureka Cheese Bread is sinfully delicious, and a yummy addition to any meal. Split one long loaf of your favorite bread the long way. Combine to thick but spreadable consistency: chopped yellow or white onion, grated Jack cheese and mayonnaise. Pile on the bread, bake between 375 and 425 degrees until bubbly and lightly browned, cut into serving sized pieces and dig in. Let your imagination run with different cheeses and types of onion and herbs to make it your signature bread!

Neat Nevada Notes: Up north in Lander County, Battle Mountain has the distinction of being the “Armpit of America”. In 2001, a crabby journalist from the Washington Post appointed himself to award the Armpit designation. In true Nevada Spirit, this community turned the negative around, got Old Spice as a sponsor and for three years hosted the Armpit Festival complete with an Armpit Beauty Pageant, the Most Talented Pit Contest and of course, the Deodorant Toss! So there! In January twenty oh nine, Battle Mountain once again hit the news with a booming economy based on gold production. Battle Mountain is a dot on the map along Interstate 80 between Winnemucca and Elko, or about half way between Reno and Salt Lake City. Incidentally, Battle Mountain’s name is not attached to a particular “battle”.

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