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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Take Charge
Natural disasters, political unrest, the weakening dollar. What’s a person to do? Stay home and lament that it is too expensive and unsafe to travel, or realistically assess the conditions, alter a thing or two, and forge ahead, actually taking advantage of the situation? I say the latter. Don’t let outside circumstances control your destiny. Take charge! Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

Natural Disasters. On a Holland America Antarctic Cruise, we were upgraded to a cabin suite with two rooms, floor to ceiling windows, and a sliding glass door leading out to a balcony. Why? We traveled in January 2005, shortly after the tsunami hit Indonesia. Cruisers had canceled in droves, unrealistically deciding that traveling on any ocean was dangerous!

Political Unrest. I was in Greece last August, when about 1/3 of the country was burning due to political shenanigans prior to the upcoming election. We were unable to visit Delphi; otherwise our trip was not impacted one iota. In fact, the smoke made for some spectacular sunsets.

I am offering an African Safari in late July with a fantastic price. Why should we not cancel? First, not one tourist has been impacted by the recent political strife in Kenya (I receive daily bulletins about conditions on the ground); 2) conditions should be calm by the time the trip takes place (if worried, trip insurance is available – which I think all travelers should have in any case); and 3) because of people’s unwarranted fears, there will be fewer tourists, so the reserves and parks will be less crowded. The Kenyan economy (the best in Africa) relies almost solely on tourism; if we abandon them now, things will almost surely degenerate.

Weakening Dollar. The rising Euro making it too expensive to travel to Europe? Not if you alter your picture slightly. Instead of traveling from city to city, eating out, renting a car, and paying for expensive petrol — stay in a villa, where it is less expensive per night and you can cook your own meals. Even better, find a tour staying in a villa, where a rental car and the gas to run it is provided. Check out for details of such a tour to Tuscany.

Catch the wind, taste the rain, and touch all of your tomorrows

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