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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Introducing Myself

Greetings! I’m Giovanni Venezia and I’m a proud citizen of Henderson, Nevada. I attend Sue H. Morrow Elementary School. My role as a student includes my G.A.T.E. (gifted and talented education) class, my normal classes, and leading officer (president) of my student council.

I am the son of Camille and Scott Venezia. I have a big sister, 21-year-old Jeseca Gullo and an older brother, Joshua Gullo, who is a freshman at UNR. I also have a lovely little sister, who like all sisters, can sometimes be annoying. But all in all, I have the most amazing family ever, including my fantastic grandmother.

I LOVE watching baseball and I’m strongly considering joining a little league baseball team. The Angels are the BEST TEAM EVER because they now have power hitter Torii Hunter. My two favorite players for the angels are right fielder Vladimir Guerrero and shortstop Orlando Cabrera. Vladimir is a great batter with 365 homeruns in his career. Orlando Cabrera is a great shortstop and won the Gold Glove award this year.

I had a thrilling Christmas. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with my brother Josh and my younger sister Gianna. My sister Jeseca and her boyfriend, Dean Renholm, arrived at 5:55. Josh let them in the house and we all waited in our family room.

My brother woke my mother and father to come into the living room and see what Santa Clause had brought us for Christmas. Then, we all rushed into the living room to see what Santa had given us.

Jesee and Dean got a set of sheets, Crocs for Jesee, and Tupperware. Josh got a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt, Gianna got a karaoke system. I got a brand new digital video camera equipped with a MP3 (music playing) system. My video camera also takes snapshots and I’ve already used 4 batteries for it!

Finally, I spent the rest of the day at my best friend’s house jumping on his new trampoline.
This is what our family is like. As you can see, I had a yuletide blast! How was your Christmas? Let me know at

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