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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Energy And Our Future
The community of Boulder City has always been a leader in alternative energy. We should be proud that we are host to the third largest solar facility in the world.   In the past several months, energy has been one of the top issues raised by my constituents who visit my offices or participate in my telephone town halls. Nevada is in the middle of a debate over coal-fired power plants in Northern Nevada. 

On the national level, there are many different philosophies on how large a role the federal government should play in mandating a rapid shift in our energy sources.
In my recent e-survey, over 91% of the respondents support Nevada having a diversified energy portfolio that consists of solar, wind, clean-coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, and wind. It is the priority of myself and of the entire Nevada delegation to work toward alternative energy sources. 

I, however, do not support doing this in a manner that stifles economic development. 
This past month I visited a nuclear reprocessing center in La Hague, France. I am interested in exploring how clean nuclear technology can play a role in fulfilling our energy demands in a safe, proliferation-resistant manner.

The citizens of Nevada are unanimously opposed to Yucca Mountain, but we should also be putting forth ideas on how to decrease the demand for a geological repository in Nevada.
While I was serving as mayor of Boulder City, we led the state in creating alternative energy options. In Congress, I am working with the delegation to ensure Southern Nevada will have cleaner air while making sure we are able to meet our energy demands in a practical, cost-efficient manner.

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