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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

Library Fun

Now that everybody knows I’m retiring in June, maybe it’s time I talked a little about why I’ve had so much fun being Library Director.

I really enjoy seeing what’s going to be published before everybody else does. We pick a lot of our new non-fiction books from pre-publication announcements from the wholesalers and publishers. It’s fun to see what is coming out in a couple of months and what looks like it’ll be good for the Library to buy.

It’s fun watching people discover new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new ways to solve problems. Watching the “light bulb” go off in a 10-year-old’s head when he says he’s heard there’s a comet in the sky and you show him on a star chart where to find it, then he comes in the next day and bubbles about seeing it – that’s fun!

Oddly enough, its fun listening to people’s creative stories about what happened to the library book they lost. One gentleman told me that he’d been down in Ensenada with his family in a motor home. They stopped at a burger joint for lunch, went in, and when they got back out the motor home was gone! I waived the charges and told him it was a good thing they were inside the hamburger stand when the motor home was stolen. (Folks, don’t use this one – the library staff has already heard the story).

It’s fun seeing the little kids’ of library patrons who were little kids when I first came to Boulder City. Patrons who were “young marrieds” with little kids when I started here are now grandparents, bringing the grandchildren in and having a great time. I grew up in the Las Vegas area and I also see middle-aged adult children of guys I went to high school with, bringing in their kids!

It’s fun working with a library staff who believes in the usefulness and importance of what we do and have as much fun as I have doing it.

It’s fun seeing people come in from out of town and tell me what a wonderful library we have. Several years ago, a couple came in from Oregon and the lady was on the library board in Newport. She said they’d been trying to build a new library there for years and how did we do it? I got a pot of coffee going and we had a great afternoon talking about the library in Newport and our project here in Boulder City.

It’s fun seeing all your friends come in every week. The Library is on the regular itinerary for many people in Boulder City. Many of our regular customers have become friends over the years and it’s great to see them on a regular basis.

It’s fun being recognized in the grocery store. Little kids giggle and point – “Look, Mom, there’s the Library Man.” Even kids I’ve scolded for being rambunctious will say “Hey, I know you!”
Yes, there has been some work involved, buy mainly I’ve had a really great time!

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