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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Plans For The New Year
Like many of you, I feel as if time just flies by. There just seems to be so many more things to do than there is time to do them all. With the beginning of the new year, it is important that we, as a community, take time to assess where we are now and in what direction we want to go in the future.

The city management needs to improve accountability as well as ensure transparency. To accomplish this task the city council has set up a new finance committee. Five very qualified individuals were chosen to serve on this important committee. The committee will take a close look at the financial health of the city. Some of the items they will study in detail and address are the Boulder Creek finances, budget finances, and options for funding the third intake. This committee will present to the city council their detailed recommendations and findings.

This new procedure will hopefully increase trust and confidence in this area.

It is my belief that the city council’s goal should be to carefully study all options to fund the city’s operations and capital improvements. We all need to look for ways other than raising fees, property taxes or other essential services to cover these increasing expenses. We do have the means to keep our city’s finances balanced and whole, now and in the future.

I would like to see the members of our community consider selling some commercial property in the industrial area to help pay for the third intake.

A vibrant commercial base is healthy and beneficial to any community. Businesses help subsidize our utility rates and increase our tax base, which provides stability to our overall budget. Businesses also enhance the community with a variety of donations and contributions.

The city council has a lot to look at, from the landfill issues to the ballot questions for the upcoming November elections. Our common goal as a community is to protect our small town lifestyle.

I would like to take this time to wish you all a safe and prosperous new year.

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