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by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Walking With Dinosaurs The Live Experience

Wow! Have you ever wondered how big the dinosaurs really were and how they would have looked, sounded and moved? I recently experienced the show, “Walking With Dinosaurs The Live Experience” in Las Vegas. The show featured fifteen life-sized dinosaurs that roared, walked, ran and attacked each other. The stars of the show included Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Stegosaurus and the largest by far, the Brachiosaurus, which was 36’ tall and 56’ long from nose to tail.

And for the kids in the audience there was a delightful baby T-Rex who acted like he was as big as his mother, and his mother was big! It was a fun family show that held everyone in the audience spellbound. Real? Ok, real acting dinosaurs. These automated dinosaurs walked, vocalized and moved like we would expect the real dinosaurs did. Sorry Disney! But with just a $20 million budget, the Australian creators did an outstanding job.

The idea started with a BBC television series entitled "Walking With Dinosaurs." That show featured incredible 3-D generated dinosaurs which inspired the live experience. Due to the popularity of the TV series, life-sized dinosaurs were created by a team in Australia for a live show.

I had been keeping track over the past several months of how the creators were coming along on the project. They have been creating the dinosaurs and showing progress on different websites; it was great to be able to finally experience the dinosaurs live. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas show came up right after the holidays and I didn’t have much notice to spread the word. But we will be hearing more about these amazing dinosaurs, so be sure to catch it next time in comes around.

The web site you can visit to find out more about the show is There you can see videos from people that attended the show and see how the creators made the magic work. You can also visit and search for “Walking With Dinosaurs Live.” If you search for “Walking With Dinosaurs,” you will get lots of videos from the BBC TV series.

Don’t forget to back up all of your holiday pictures.

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