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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia


What was the best sold thing for Christmas this year? Probably not a question commonly asked this past Christmas. The obvious answer: the Nintendo Wii Video Game System. This was by far one of Nintendo’s greatest inventions.

During Christmas time, the Wii was probably the hardest thing to locate. Everyone who could afford it searched and searched for it and sang “hallelujah” to express the joy they felt when they finally found it. I know I did when I got mine. But what makes this video game system so special?

The Nintendo Wii is the first household video game you do not have a control connected to. The system includes two basic controls: the Wii remote and the nunchuck. You point the remote at the television and press buttons to do various things. The nunchuck (joystick) is attached to the Wii remote and used to move the A character. When the Wii first came out on November 19, 2006, it wasn’t as famous as it was last Christmas. Some people thought it was quite peculiar to have to do things like shake the remote. But reviews dramatically changed last year.

On the Wii, you can make a character that looks like yourself called a Mii and use it in various games. The Wii is sold with the Wii Sports game. This game includes what I call “Amazing” tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. The games are very realistic. In the tennis game, it automatically moves your Mii. All you have to do is swing the Wii remote! In baseball, it is kind of disappointing because you can’t field the ball. But, you can swing the remote like a bat to hit and you can also pitch a curve ball, screwball, splitter, and fastball. In bowling, it is all the fun of bowling at home. My parents even sit and bowl as they just hold the B button and swing their arm. My father is as good at the Wii bowling as he is at real bowling. And I’ve never really played the golf or boxing, but I hear they’re fun, too.

When I got the Wii earlier this month, I was thrilled with delight. My favorite game is the Mario Galaxy game. It hurts though, trying to play on round planets. In my view, the Wii is the greatest game system ever! The Wii makes me say “WEEEE!”

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