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Spotlight on Business
Chase The Bookseller
by Everett C. Chase

“What goes around comes around.” A trite statement to be sure, but no more than the statement “here we go again.” My point? Chase The Bookseller is back in business at 501 Nevada Way (on the corner of Nevada Way and Arizona in the Hyde Center). We have been on this corner before and we’re picking up where we left off approximately three years ago when we were located in the adjoining unit which is now occupied by the Hospital Foundation. Our intention is to make a successful return by providing good products and service for local book lovers and visitors.

Our products are not limited to used books, audio books, DVDs and gift items. To attract attention and satisfy an on-going need for most people, we will also carry a line of quality T-shirts discovered in the recent ASD/AMD show in Las Vegas. The shirt display is unique and so is the name of the shirt line and their various designs.

What’s a T-shirt without a baseball cap? I can answer that. I’ve been wearing one all my life. We are carrying caps and T’s in the store now, some of which are designed by our local artist and entrepreneur, Bob Kolar. His main theme is related to Area 51 which is supposed to be located somewhere on the Nevada Test Site in Nye County. But we can talk more about that when you visit the store.

What else is new to the Chase line of products? Book Trading! Our large selection of softbound/paperback books are eligible for trading. Not new to the book business, but new to Chase The Bookseller, trading is an easy way to recycle books you have read and pick up books you haven’t - at a reasonable price. Trading hard-bound books is not on the trading list at this time, but as we restock our shelves we may begin a limited program.

Location, location, location they say, is the key to success. We consider the Hyde Center on the corner of Nevada Way and Arizona to be one of the best in town. We would like to keep it convenient to both local book lovers and visitors to Boulder City. Most of our business is walk-up tourist, but we would like to remind our local book lovers of the large parking area adjacent to the Boulder Dam Hotel and behind Chase The Bookseller. In addition, Chase The Bookseller still has a few bookcases of books in Goat Feathers which is located behind the Boulder Dam Hotel and the aforementioned parking lot.

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