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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
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Child Safety In Your Home

When our children are in our homes, we tend to feel they are safe. However, homes can provide a variety of safety hazards. The following statistics are quite alarming:

  • 25 million children are physically injured every year.
  • Trauma is the leading cause of death for children over 1.
  • Each year, over 12,000 children under the age of 14 are killed by injury and 50,000 are permanently disabled .
  • One out of every four children will receive medical attention for an injury each year.
  • Most injuries are predictable and preventable.
  • “Child falls” account for an estimated 2,000,000 emergency department visits each year. The majority of childhood fall-related injuries occur at the home.

Although we have little room within this article to adequately address this issue, our goal is to provide some educational information and to inspire you to learn more about this important topic. Our children are incredibly imaginative and it is impossible to predict every potential hazard. Therefore, it is impossible to make a home completely safe, but every proactive measure you take will only better the odds for a safe childhood. Some of the best information available is free on the internet. A thorough reading of one or two of the following references will give you most of what you need to know.

National Safety Council -
Safe USA -
National Safe Kids Campaign -
Safe Kids Canada -
Baby and Child Safety -
Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting and Prevention Program -

As I said before, many accidents that take place in our homes are preventable if steps are taken ahead of time. Take responsibility for your child’s safety and start preparing your home before your child’s birth - when there is still time for planning. As your child ages, your safety program will have to be adjusted for new potential hazards in the home. Take the time to educate yourself on all forms of child safety at home and otherwise. And stay tuned in the coming months for more information on this important topic.

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