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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Hold On To Your Wallets Boulder City

Last week, Congress passed its fiscal year 2009 budget blueprint. This new plan calls for a substantial tax increase of $683 billion, in fact the largest tax increase in American history.

Unfortunately, the total effect of this plan would amount to a tax increase of almost $2,914 per Boulder City resident within the next five years.

Furthermore, this new budget assumes a roll back of the child tax credit, allows the state sales tax deduction to expire and brings the death tax back to its pre-2001 level of 56 percent.

During a recent House Budget Committee mark-up of this new fiscal year budget plan I co-sponsored several new amendments designed to mitigate the effects of this tax hike on Nevada’s hard-working families.

One funding amendment included a provision to maintain the $1,000 per year child tax credit, which helps families.

A second funding amendment sought to allow Nevadans to continue deducting their state sales tax, which has also helped many families.

A final funding amendment sought to ensure Congress funds Veterans and National Security programs through the normal budget process.

This new fiscal year budget seems to demonstrate the belief that the federal government knows how to spend your hard earned money better than you do.

In fact, this is the second year in which Congress’ budget proposal has reflected a possible increase in the tax burden on some individuals and small businesses.

I am working with Congress to ensure that our Nevada families get all the financial help they can at a time when Southern Nevada faces the highest rate of mortgage foreclosures in the nation.

I will continue to work with Congress to ensure that as many of your tax dollars will remain in your household as is possible.

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