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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Google Searching With Caution

When you go to and search a subject, you will get lots of information about your subject. If you click on the Images tab you will get lots of images relating to your subject.

As a warning, do not use photos from the internet for your website or other advertising because a large portion  of them are stolen. That means they are used without permission from the photographer. Make sure you have an e-mail on file with the photographer’s permission before using any photo. There are companies that protect the copyrights of their clients by continually searching the internet and billing people over $800 per photo if the photo has been used without permission.

You can buy photos online, but make sure you keep a copy of the proof of purchase. These companies have even gone after people that buy template websites because a lot of the templates incorporate stolen photos. As the website owner, you are responsible for all photos used. I do photo shoots at $50 per hour, so you could have my professional photographic services for sixteen hours for the cost of one stolen photo from the internet.

Clicking through the different tabs will get you lots of information on each subject by category. You will find extra categories by clicking on the MORE tab.

The banner art at is always changing to something interesting. Clicking on the banner allows you  to find out information on that day’s artwork. You will see two search buttons below the search text box. Google Search, which will search the web for the word or words you put in the search box.  Or you can use the I’m Feeling Lucky search button.

But wait, there’s more. Move your curser over the I’m Feeling Lucky button and it will change to many other options like I’m Feeling: Wonderful, Puzzled, Hungry, Doodley, Stellar and Playful. You can also leave the search box empty on this option. I like the Wonders button; it will take you to the World Wonders Project at where you can see 360 degree views around the world.

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