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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Jerry Traylor

A short time ago, Jerry Traylor, a world-class motivational speaker, spoke to the community, students and staff at Garrett Junior High and the Boulder City High School freshman. I applaud the Rotary Clubs for coming together, with support from the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, to bring Mr. Traylor to Boulder City. During his action-packed two-day trip he was able to meet hundreds of our children as well as many business leaders and residents. Through his message, we all have a greater appreciation of what it means to live “careFully.”

One aspect of Boulder City that I believe everyone can agree upon is that our community is home to hundreds of wonderful and caring individuals – a sentiment that Mr. Traylor clearly walked away with. I have witnessed time and time again, the compassion expressed by officers while on calls for service. They will often pull money out of their own pockets to buy lunch for an individual in need, volunteer at community events, sit on the ground so they can effectively communicate with a young child in distress or spend time with a family that has just lost a beloved relative. Each incident is forever engraved in their memories. I am reminded of a quote given to me by William Westfall, a nationally recognized law enforcement trainer. He said, “If you do the job properly, there is nothing more noble you will do with your life.”

Mr. Traylor also took time out of his busy trip to have dinner with Guilian Grasso and his family, where they discussed Guilian’s life-threatening head injury sustained earlier this year. Mr. Traylor welcomed the opportunity to meet and spend time with the Grasso’s, which is testimonial to his commitment to living a life of significance through caring.

A heartfelt congratulation goes out to next month’s guest author – Daniel Jennings, who retired from the Boulder City Police Department on October 14, 2012.

His tenure with Boulder City was one of honor and integrity. I, along with my colleagues, wish him and his lovely wife, Judy, nothing but the best in retirement!

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