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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

CES 2011

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held in Las Vegas every year to showcase the very newest consumer electronics.
This year it was a busy show, with 100,000-plus attendees waiting to see what’s new for 2011. Here are just a few of the new electronic items and gadgets that caught my attention.

4G - The next-generation wireless networks are finally here and readily available, providing fast service for wireless streaming.

Tablets - Apple started early with iPad, and now there are more new tablets to choose from, available through various electronics outlets.

3D - Most of the new TVs have 3D capability, and one new TV will have 3D capability without having to use 3D glasses. If you are going to get a new TV, do a little research before you buy.

Connected TVs - See videos, movies and more from your TV through the internet with direct connect to cable, DSL or WiFi.

Now you can connect your household products to your TV set. As you sit and watch TV, a note comes up on the screen because the washer and dryer sent a note to let you know the wash is finished. Then your smart trash can sends a note while you are watching a movie to remind you its time to take out the trash. You can also check and see how much time is left on dinner cooking in the oven. And you can log into your vacuum cleaner that is running by itself and see through the onboard web camera what the vacuum cleaner sees.

The show was fun, with lots of tech stuff to see and play with. I am looking forward to 2012 CES.

It’s 2011 and are your files backed-up? Take the time and do it today.

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