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Boulder City History
by Cheryl Ferrence, Director
Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum

Boulder City - 80th Anniversary

This 1930 image of the Boulder City town site was taken from water tank hill.
On December 18, 1930, Secretary of the Interior, Ray Lyman Wilbur, approved plans for the new town of Boulder City to be constructed as part of the Boulder Canyon Project.

A survey was made of the Boulder City town site on March 13, 1931. Construction was soon begun. By the end of 1931 many buildings were complete, and paved streets and sidewalks were in place

The theater building in the course of its construction is to the right of the 1932 view looking eastward across Nevada Highway through Arizona Street.

In the Boulder City Journal’s Boulder City Tenth Anniversary edition it was noted that “Boulder City is Destined to Grow. Boulder City in 10 years has grown from a sand hill covered with desert scrub, swept by winds, inhabited only by an occasional prospector of exploring party along the Colorado River, to the ‘model city of the nation.’ Famous for its spreading lawns, its tall swaying trees, air-cooled modern homes, and refined well-educated residents. It is destined to have increasing growth, as those farsighted business men who saw the future in that ‘land of nothing’ a decade ago can tell you today.”

They saw a future in business, tourism and recreation.

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