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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Clean Energy

There are encouraging signs that our economy is continuing to recover. But families in Nevada and around the country are still struggling. Nevadans expect Republicans and Democrats to work together to keep our economy on the right track and to ensure that Nevada’s workforce is competitive in the global economy.

At this critical juncture, we certainly cannot afford an extreme step like forcing a government shutdown or risk the U.S. defaulting on its debt obligation that could send us back into a recession. We cannot afford to risk cutting off Social Security checks and Medicare from Nevada seniors, denying veterans their pensions and benefits and leaving nearly one million Nevada taxpayers without their tax refunds.  We should focus on responsible measures that cut wasteful spending and excess while encouraging growth.

Now is the time for solutions that create jobs and strengthen the middle class.  This is why I continue working to ensure Nevada leads the nation in clean energy jobs. Just last month I joined representatives from the private and public sectors to announce a financing deal that will construct a north-to-south electricity transmission line that will help get clean, affordable energy to the places that need it. The financing deal sets the foundation to create 400 construction jobs in the short term and thousands of jobs as the line helps renewable energy projects throughout Nevada access the electricity transmission grid. We can encourage those projects to grow and hire Nevadans by extending critical tax incentives, modernizing the electricity transmission grid, and improving renewable energy permitting programs to ensure that clean energy projects become synonymous with Nevada. 

It’s no surprise that when CNN wanted to highlight the places in Nevada that are making clean energy a central part of their economic recovery, they picked Boulder City. Since the Hoover Dam was built, Boulder City has been a clean energy city and today it’s at the forefront of the nation’s transformation towards clean energy. My hope is that projects like these become commonplace so our children can someday look back and say Boulder City and Nevada helped spark an energy revolution that changed America.

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