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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections


There are about 23 different species of scorpions in the state of Nevada. Scorpions are a member of the arachnids and are easily recognized with their lobster-like appearance.

Scorpions have large front pincers which are used for capturing and holding prey and a long tail which terminates with a stinger. The stinger is used to subdue prey and for defense, if they are trapped or threatened. Although they may look scary, most scorpions are not considered seriously poisonous.

Scorpions have venom and can produce a painful sting when handled, trapped or disturbed, though, the reaction to the sting is usually mild. Only one species, the Bark Scorpion, may produce serious reactions, such as, numbness, weakness, paralysis, anxiety, dizziness, respiratory distress and even convulsions. If you are stung by a Bark Scorpion, then you should consult with a physician, though treatment can usually be done at home. Children two years old and younger are, however, more susceptible to the venom and you should seek medical attention immediately. Bark Scorpions have a tendency to climb and seek cover in cracks and crevices of houses and under tree bark. Most other desert species of scorpions are ground dwellers.

Scorpions are nocturnal. At night they defend their territory, feed and mate. Only a small number of scorpions may be out on any given night. If a scorpion is seen, there are likely several more in the area and a pest control specialist should be contacted for scorpion control. Outdoor residual insecticides can be used and should be directed to those areas which are most likely to harbor scorpions. Scorpions generally migrate into the home after heavy summer rains. Removing cover, such as stones, lumber and other debris from around the home can help keep scorpions out of the house.

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