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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Layovers - Part II

Last month we talked about layovers. What is too short? What is too long? I also told you about Emirates Airlines, who are not only a luxury carrier, but very accommodating about their layovers in Dubai.

This month I want to tell you about another way to deal with long layovers – at least when you are stuck in three particular airports – London’s Heathrow (Terminal 4) and Gatwick (South Terminal), and Amsterdam’s Schiphol.

Someone recently told me that they didn’t mind booking 10 to 15 hour layovers in London or Amsterdam because of those little hotels in the airports. What? Hotels IN the airports? What’s that all about?

A Google search for ‘hotels in airports’ led me to Yotel. What-tel? Yes, you’re reading that right, Yotel. The Yotel is a Japanese style pod hotel located within the above-listed airports, but with bigger rooms than the Japanese version. Not huge rooms, mind you, but big enough to move around in. The cost for a standard cabin for a minimum 4-hour stay is £29 (London) or €35 (Amsterdam) [~$50], and £6.50 and €8 for each additional hour [~$11]. It is best to book in advance (, but if you don’t, be aware they do not take cash, just credit cards.

Here is a typical review: “Its rooms are minuscule, but a good place to sleep and shower. Its concept is akin to the Japanese capsule hotels with an ensuite bathroom. My single room was comfortable, perfect temperature with a comfy pillow, bed and TV. The shower was strong and hot with seaweed gel provided. The room was perfect for a party of one with luggage.”

Happy travels... and pleasant dreams.

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