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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Taking My Own Advice
As a long time instructor of Yoga and Meditation, I have enjoyed many classes with inspiring students who are willing to grow, stretch their thinking, and become happier people. I have often thought, while sharing wisdom that I have learned along the way, that everything I am teaching my students, I am also learning myself.

Finding balance in life is an ongoing process for most of us. We’ve all had periods of feeling too busy and overscheduled - even if we’re doing things we love, and in time, realize that we’re simply too busy and need to find that center balance point once again.

In an effort to create more time for rest and play, this will be my last regular column for the Boulder City Magazine. I have greatly enjoyed writing and deeply appreciate the opportunity to share my views with you. As my dear teacher, Khenpo says, “Do not become an incense, emitting a beautiful fragrance, with nothing left of you.” I’d like to reiterate that which seems most important.

Our thinking matters a lot. Taking care of our thinking is the most important thing we can do to have peace of mind. When we have anger, anxiety, jealousy, and other forms of negative thinking, we damage ourselves chemically, destroy our peace and happiness, have less possibility of making good decisions, and make everyone else miserable too! When we have compassion, kindness, discernment, joy, and wisdom, we support our immune systems, feel the peace and happiness that are present in this very moment, can see a broader perspective to make clearer choices, and are enjoyable to be around. We forget over and over again and slip into negative patterns. Why? Because we practiced negativity for so long, that it became habitual. It became easy to be sarcastic. Easy to complain. Negative thinking does not lead to happiness or peace of mind. Become aware of your thinking throughout the day and when you catch yourself in negative thinking, CHANGE IT. Can you express an opinion without becoming angry? Can you work toward changing something rather than constantly complaining about it? Can you feel genuinely happy for someone rather than being jealous? Can you find ways to enjoy life? The answer is yes, and the payoff is peace and happiness.

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