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by Scott Sauer
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Pool Safety
Another hot summer is on the horizon, the sort of weather that I have come to associate with children drowning. Children don’t understand that pools are dangerous - only that they are fun and offer respite from the heat. We have had so many drowned children around Las Vegas the last few summers. A few of them survived, but a lot did not.

When people hear of a child drowning, often their first thought is to blame the parents and to think that they must be irresponsible for this to have happened. Perhaps this belief is a mechanism that helps reassure such people that such a fate will never befall them?

These parents are good, responsible people. Normal families with both parents working and a few kids - like millions of other families around the country. It can be difficult to supervise a family of kids - they are so quick and you can’t always be everywhere. These tragedies arise from a momentary oversight, not because of bad parenting. Tragedies simply happen so quickly.

There are always a lot of victims when a child drowns. Someone will feel responsible for years to come. Marriages will often end in divorce due to the intense guilt and blame. Siblings will miss their little brother or sister, they will struggle to understand what happened and they will wonder why family life has forever changed.

And to anyone who thinks this can’t happen to them, please understand that the parents of every drowned child once believed this too. However, these drownings are one hundred percent preventable.

Audible alarms, which range in cost from $40-$100 should be installed on every door and gate that gives pool access. This should include garage side doors. Through wall or dog doors should be removed or at a minimum, sealed when a child is in the home. It should be obvious that a child will try to follow the pet or simply go through the pet door. Pool sensors are easy to install and begin at a price of $250. These sensors will alert you if there is movement in the pool while they are activated. Once again, prevention is the key. Bring your pool up to current safety standards and save the life of a child.

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