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by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.


My son and his fiancée called last week to say that they decided to give one of their two (very humble) cars to some friends of theirs who are in need.

Although I rejoice in their generosity, I must admit, one of my first thoughts was, can you really afford to do that? My husband and I asked them to please consider all that is involved in giving such a gift.

Today my son called to say he is more excited about giving this car away than he’s ever been about acquiring a car himself.

He said, “Mom, Dad, here’s the thing you need to understand. I don’t know if you realize it, but there are three stories that you told me when I was growing up that made a big impression on me. The first is when John Stockman gave away his refrigerator, the second is when Schaumburg let you use his Mercedes, and the third is when Uncle Jimmy bought mom a set of tires.”

The first story is about our dear friend John Stockman who, many years ago, was working as a lab tech at a local hospital. A co-worker, who was a single mom, commented that her refrigerator died and she wasn’t sure how she would be able to afford another one. Without hesitation, John said, “You can have mine.” His co-worker said “What? What about you?” John said, “It’s ok, I have an ice chest!” And he brought his refrigerator over that night.

The second story is about our dear friend Robert Schaumburg, who insisted that we drive his brand new Mercedes station wagon to Montana, while he stayed in Las Vegas to work. This was the middle of summer. Our car that he used during that time had black interior and no air conditioning.

The third story is about my dear brother Jim, who when I was in college, saw that I needed tires on my little car and went out and got them for me. No fanfare, he just did it.

My son and fiancée are now reminding me that generosity is a root of happiness. When we genuinely care about other people and want to help them we are naturally happy.

Thank you Zak and Lea for being fearless in pursuing all that is important to you and continuing to teach us.

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