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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Free Software

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Open office software suite is free software. That means you are free to download it, free to install it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies on to as many people as you like. Did I say it was free?

Open office software suite is for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Just go to and click on “I want to download”. Then click “Download” and save the file to your computer.

Writer is a modern, fully equipped word processor or desktop publisher. It has features like AutoCorrect, AutoComplete, AutoFormat, styles and formatting, text frames and linking, tables of contents, indexing, bibliographical references, illustrations, tables, and other objects. Writer is simple enough to create a quick memo, and powerful enough to create complete books.

Calc is the spreadsheet program which is easy to learn and has lots of features like natural language formulas, an Intelligent Sum Button, a range of advanced spreadsheet functions, styles and formatting, and a file manager.

Impress is a program for creating multimedia presentations with 2D and 3D clip art, fontworks, special effects, animation, and high-impact drawing tools. Files can be saved in several formats, including PDF, html and Flash.

Draw is a program that allows you to draw quick sketches and complex plans, and to communicate between graphics and diagrams. You can manipulate objects, rotate in two or three dimensions, or use rendering tools to create photo realistic images. Smart connectors make flowcharts, organization charts, network diagrams, etc. easy to do.

Base is a program that enables you to manipulate database data. You can create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, by using your own database or Base’s own HSQL database engine. Base allows you to use Wizards, Design Views, or SQL Views.

These programs should work with the Microsoft office files, and the fact you can save your files as PDFs is great!

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