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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Health Insurance Reform
During the month of August I had the opportunity to travel around the Silver State and speak to Nevadans about health insurance reform. I had a town hall teleconference where I discussed with more than 10,000 residents the truth about what health insurance reform means for them.

There’s been a well-funded campaign of misinformation spread about this reform that aims to take advantage of Nevada’s most vulnerable citizens and I want to let you know the truth in case you weren’t able to participate in our tele-town hall. 

I am sure folks in Boulder City have heard the myth that the cost of reforming our health care system is too great. Let me be clear that the only cost we can’t afford is the cost of doing nothing. The price of health care from insurance to medication to a simple doctor’s visit is rising at a far greater rate than inflation.

The reality is that taxpayers get stuck with the bill every time someone is forced to rely on the emergency room for standard treatment. The reality is that people with insurance are paying higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays to cover the cost of those without insurance.  If your family is fortunate enough to have health care, you pay at least $1,000 more than you would need to if all other families had it, too. 

Some families pay their hard-earned money to their health insurance company only to be dropped when they become ill.  Other families across are state are forced into bankruptcy when someone gets sick. Some patients, including children, can’t get coverage because of preexisting conditions. This is the reality for families across our state.
Here is the reality of health insurance reform. There will not be any sort of panel that reviews whether to provide care for the elderly. None of the proposals would give illegal immigrants health coverage. We will not cut benefits for people in Medicare. This reform will be fully paid for, and should include a public insurance plan for those who choose it. People who use the public option will have to pay premiums like everyone else, and the public option will make sure private insurers compete for business in an honest way.

The reality is that fixing our broken health insurance system is the most important thing we can do right now for our economy and our childrens’ future.
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