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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile -
Maribeth McLay
Maribeth McLay was born in Monroe, Wisconsin and grew up on a dairy farm. I wonder if that has anything to do with her choice of artwork medium. Was it because oils and pastels wouldn’t freeze? If so, did the cows produce ice cream? Questions like that come up when we are used to a warm, hot, climate.

The answers are obvious if you know Maribeth and are aware of how ice cream is made. Maribeth didn’t know she was an artist until after moving to Boulder City, and I won’t get into how to make ice cream!

After Maribeth graduated from Whitewater State College with a degree in education, she and her husband, Ivan, ventured westward to Nevada where they both taught school in the Las Vegas area. They moved to Boulder City in 1976 and she continued working with children as the director of a pre-school. She retired in 1994 and went with a friend to an art class. Using her friend’s oils and brushes she painted a picture before the class had ended. She was amazed that she had this new found talent!

She immediately bought paints, brushes and oil painting books and began her informal training through recreational program workshops. She took a charcoal portrait class since she loved people so much, especially children. Faces, people and character studies are her favorite subjects. After joining the Boulder City Art Guild she signed up for a weekly class taught by James McLean. This is where she developed her own techniques. She loves to paint people that remind her of pleasant memories, a smile or a tender moment, many of which are her own family and friends. She has studied with Judy Barton for many years and will be one of the artists featured in Cubicle One of the Art Guild Gallery, Suite 104, Boulder Dam Hotel, with many other students this month.

Her work can always be seen in the Art Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel and in the many exhibits around Boulder City including City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce.

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