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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

The Best Mother's Day Present Ever
When I think of Mother’s Day, I have mixed emotions as my mother passed away over 30 years ago. I miss my mother and yet am thrilled that I have three wonderful daughters with whom to share the day.

I often struggle with what would be a really great gift from my three girls. They always ask me every year what I want. The answer is the same every year: The best gift I could receive is for my girls to want to spend time with me.

Really, how do you get to know your mother better? The answer is, spend time with her. I think as mothers, we tend to communicate with our kids based on the issues at hand. Scheduling time to “be” with each other outside of the issues is very import for strengthening our relationships. Sometimes I think it’s hard to put the wheels in motion to spend time together without dealing with family issues.

Let recreation be a tool to enhance your relationship with your mother. Consider incorporating a recreation activity into your “mom” time, and you will have special time not focused on family issues. This year, when I’m asked what I want for Mother’s Day, I’m going to tell my girls I want all of us to take the Beading Class at the Art Center. I’m not going to drop a hint or beat around the bush about it. I know how important it is for us to spend quality time together above and beyond family issues, and the Beading Class is something fun we can do together. Not only will I have the time we spend together as my gift, but each of us will end up with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I urge you to review our Recreation Department offerings located at I’m confident you’ll find an activity you can do with your mother. Even if you have a mother with limited capabilities, we have classes in which the two of you can participate.

Tai Chi is highly recommended to folks who are receiving cancer treatment. William Vandveer is teaching the same Tai Chi that is practiced at the Nevada Cancer Institute. Think of the lines of communication that would open up if you were to take an acting class with your mother. Take a look at our information on Yoga Classes. We even have a massage therapy treatment you can consider.

To find out more information about programs offered at the pool complex or other recreational programs offered here in Boulder City, call 293-9286.

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