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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Vision For Boulder City
I am occasionally asked what is my vision for Boulder City. Like many of you, I want our small town lifestyle to remain. I want our City to continue with the same level of services that it has provided in the past. Public safety continues to be a high priority.

How do we protect the way of life that we all enjoy here in Boulder City? There are many factors that contribute to protecting our small town lifestyle. Here are some of those factors. I believe we must be responsible with the resources we have, mainly our land, water, and public utility. We must live within our budget. As we review our current budget, we have trimmed away the waste, and we will continue to look where we can save.

Our rate structure for utilities is still very favorable, due to our contract with Hoover Dam. That contract ends in 2017, and we will do everything we can to negotiate a similar contract for our future. We also buy power from NV Energy, but that contract will be changing as well. Your elected officials do not want to raise rates. We understand the financial strain many are feeling right now, but it will be necessary to have rate increases in the future, starting with this year. Our utilities will continue to be much lower than all others in the valley, as their rates are increasing as well. We are exploring new ways to help keep our electric rates favorable.

As I stated in my State of the City Address, I believe reducing our debt is essential for our financial stability. We will be taking on new debt with the 3rd Intake. A land sale, within the parameters of our growth control, could reduce our debt substantially. Of course, this would only happen when the market begins to recover.

Probably the biggest threat to our city will be the increased traffic when the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge opens. We need to be ready to address this impact with a public safety plan. We need to have in place a safety plan to cover the challenges of more trucks coming through town.

Although we live in challenging times, there is opportunity for Boulder City. The City Council will continue to look for ways to protect and improve our way of life.

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