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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Help Is On The Way
Only weeks after President Obama signed the recovery package, important funding and tax relief to working families are on the way. Nevadans know how important this funding is - our unemployment rate is at a 25-year high and the people of this state are struggling to stay in their homes and put food on the table for their families. Boulder City is no exception.

More than $100 million in the Economic Recovery legislation is directed to clean energy and efficiency jobs in Nevada. Boulder City’s commitment to providing renewable energy to the West is historical. The hydroelectric power of Hoover Dam pioneered in our past and the solar power plants in the area make Boulder City a leader in Nevada’s renewable energy transformation.

I always work to keep Nevada’s priorities at the top in the federal budget.  During the Senate’s consideration of the budget, I included a provision to give homeowners more leverage in renegotiating the loans on their homes. I am also sending $22 million in guaranteed home loans to rural Nevada, which will help save jobs as well.

Working with Senator Ensign, I put a measure in the budget to deliver continuing tax relief to Nevadans by making the local and state sales tax deduction permanent. More than 400,000 Nevadans use this deduction to level the playing field with those in other states who can deduct their state income tax on their federal returns. These are not just luxuries we want to fund, but they are necessities in which we must invest if we are to recover.

I worked to secure economic recovery money for Nevada so we can put people back to work as soon as possible. Many of the projects receiving funding will create jobs in the construction industry, which has been hard hit by this economic crisis. Other funding will help those who are looking for work. What we’ve received thus far is just the beginning - more help is on the way.
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