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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

President Obama: My Opinion On The First 100 Days
President Barack Obama is quite an interesting man. I was never for him (until the general election) but not quite against him. I am quite intrigued by his work and achievements. He is one of the greatest orators I have ever heard, and he has overcome great obstacles to achieve great feats.

First of all, the more I pay attention to politics and carefully review my opinions, I realized I still am generally a democrat, but more of a conservative democrat. And there is such a thing, as the blue dog coalition (U.S. House) is a group of conservative democrats with 49 members.

President Obama is definitely getting things done. Even though it was “his day” on inauguration day, he began by closing Guantanamo Bay.

I personally do not think that was a smart move at all. I believe releasing them leads to more torture from other countries, or, if released into the middle east, then just back into terrorism. I also think, besides them going to other countries, they eventually come back to the U.S. prison system. It will then be easier to communicate with other terrorists. Besides that, think of the other consequences that could occur if they escape.

What about the second stimulus package? There were many complaints about that, but I thought that, cut a few billion, and it would be great. But we have to fill the deficit. So, I believe that we need to tax the big businesses (which we’ve bailed out) and slightly raise other taxes in order to fill this... hole. If China quits loaning us money, we are in trouble.

Lastly, I am sad to see I feel that a change in global power will occur very soon. Talks of a universal currency will be insane, to me, because if something goes wrong with that, the globe will be in trouble. I think that we are entering a cycle that has happened over the last hundreds of years, and we won’t be the policing, top dog country anymore if we aren’t careful.

I do believe that President Obama will be greatly challenged soon. I just hope, and trust, he will know how to handle it. 

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