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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

This & That

I took a group to Tuscany in May. One night we were trading travel tips and they came up with a few new ones that I thought you might find helpful.

1. Trip Photo Organization. It is a good idea to keep photo files from each trip separately (consider them your ‘negatives’). Here’s a way to distinguish one trip from another. First, buy a key chain from the country or location you are visiting. When you return home, download the files from your camera or computer to a separate thumb (a.k.a. flash) drive (2GB for $10 or less). Hook the key chain to the thumb drive, and you will always know which drive goes with which trip. Now you can store all your photo ‘negatives’ together (in a shoe box or other container), and retrieve them easily for reprints.

2. Getting Posters Home Safely. Putting posters in your luggage is pretty risky. They can be crushed. And carrying them home is a pain. Here’s a good idea. Save your empty plastic water bottles. Now cut off the tops and bottoms of all but two of them (on these two you just cut off the tops). Place the rolled-up poster(s) inside the empty water bottles, using enough to fully envelope the posters, with the two with bottoms intact at each end. Tape them together if you can. Put this tubular package into your suitcase, providing the poster(s) some protection from being crushed.

3. Document Your Loot. When you get home, take all of your new ‘treasures’ and lay them out on your bed or other flat surface. Place a magnet or postcard of the country or location visited in the middle, or other prominent location. Now take a picture of the display. Years down the road, when you wonder where you purchased a particular item, you will have a record.

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If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to purchase your tickets to the BC Chamber’s day trip to St. George and Tuacahn production on Saturday, September 12. It’s a fundraiser for the Chamber, and the seats are limited, so you won’t want to wait too long. Visit the Chamber at 465 Nevada Way, or call 293-2034 or 294-4365 for details.

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