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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Home Inspectors
In the State of Nevada, Home Inspectors are licensed by the state and governed by the Real Estate Division. The State has adopted and defined a minimum Standard of Practice which all inspectors are required to meet.

Proof of insurance is a requirement for licensing. However, this does not insure that you will receive a competent, qualified home inspector simply because he is State licensed. To follow are some steps you should take when looking for a home inspector to evaluate your potential new home purchase.

1. Use search engines to educate yourself on the standard questions to ask.

2. Visit the State’s website at the following link: 645DSec450. Read sections 450-580 which itemizes what the inspector is required to inspect and comment on within the written report.

3. Understand that the inspection is not a warranty or a guarantee, but simply one individual’s opinion.

4. Does the inspector exceed the standards or just meet the minimum requirement? Many experienced inspectors far exceed the standard.

5. Does the inspector use any specialized equipment? (infra-red cameras, moisture meters, gas detectors etc...)

6. Does the inspector limit his liability to the cost of the inspection or some multiple of the inspection fee? This leaves you at greater risk if defects are missed.

7. Will the inspector navigate the attic space and crawl spaces to evaluate important components? Many times, inspectors will only evaluate these from the access covers.

8. Read and sign the inspection contract. Many insurance companies will not be liable if a contract is not signed, leaving you with no recourse. Read the contract carefully and ask questions of you don’t understand.

9. Be present during the inspection and insist on following the inspector. This gives you the opportunity to see how things work and to have your questions answered.

10. Does the inspector maintain any other professional affiliations or certifications? Experienced inspectors generally take advanced courses which lead to additional services or additional skills.

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