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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

I was busy thinking of all my accomplishments this year: I am playing violin way above where I am “supposed to” with my experience, I gained acceptance to National Junior Honor Society, Hyde Park Academy of Math and Science, as well as the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra. I also got straight A’s and O’s (short for outstanding citizenship) again, and have gotten WAY better at baseball for playing only my second year on the best team in Henderson, the LL majors (HLL Angels).

This is not to be arrogant in any way at all, but just to show all that I have done, and now my point is to figure out how and why people are successful and what success really is.

So, I began by asking a few friends and family members their opinion on success. I started by asking a friend from my baseball team, Logan Green, and his sister, Amanda Green. Logan and his sister both said, “Success in life is doing what you dream of, and being happy in life.” My mother, Camille, stated her opinion: “Success is loving what you do daily, and being proud of it. There is always more to learn.” My brother (who used to live in Boulder City), Joshua Gullo (Goo-loh as he says), defined his success as, “Complete confidence in decisions you make.” Finally, my father, Scott Venezia, summed it up quite nicely, “The definition of success is unique to each individual, and not necessarily measured solely on a monetary scale.”

To wrap things up, that last statement really made me think. Success is unique to YOU. It also just hit me while writing the last sentence that success is what you make it. YOU create your own success and “failures”. It is all in the perception, the way we look at it.

In fact, I have my own opinion about success. To me, success is “Getting up one more time than you fall down.” I do well because I go that extra mile to get where I’m going. I have strong drive and an uncrushable want to do things, and I MUST do well at them.

Here is one of my favorite quotes: “There are no shortcuts any place worth going.”
-Beverly Sills.

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