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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

Join The Momentum
By now you’ve probably heard either from me or someone in the community of the efforts to share Boulder City history through arts, including acting, story telling, visual art displays and more. This process is like weaving a tapestry of our history.

We have many colorful threads to this process and the outcome is yet to be seen. Will it be a loose woven Monet or a tightly woven Michael Angelo? As local talent rises to the surface, the tapestry image is ever changing. I thought I’d share with you a few of our accomplishments.

The “First House” monologue with supporting visual aids was performed at Garrett Middle School for the entire 7th grade class, which consisted of more than 200 children. A second monologue based on the history of the hospital was performed for approximately 50 people at a hospital event. Actress Barbara Morris played the role of Erma Godbey. Erma Godbey’s granddaughter Peggy Durfey, great granddaughter Tricia Sullivan and student Kathryn Kirk have thrown their hats into the ring to learn monologues. A visual display was sent to the 2009 American Public Works Association Conference, which had over 200 people attend.

Requests that come in for a performance or display will be based on the availability of our volunteers. This means the more people who know or can manage the material, the more our history will be shared.

Laura Lynch, wife of Recreation Department Acting instructor Art Lynch, wrote the first two monologues and is happy to write more. Art has agreed to work with people wanting to learn monologues, skits and plays to support this educational outreach effort. Local resident and professional prop designer Rob Berkheimer has joined our efforts to develop props for the performances and October 10, 2009, 31’ers Luncheon and Educational Outreach Showcase.

As you can see this project now has an amazing energy to it and I’ve just scratched the surface. There’s room for folks to work on research, writing, performing, presenting, prop development, camera people and editing folks. We want to write a song about Hoover Dam and develop a website to share with the world our progress. To join our efforts or to schedule a performance/presentation please contact me at (702) 293-9256.

To find out more information about programs offered at the pool complex or other recreational programs offered here in Boulder City, call 293-9286.

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