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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Health Care Reform
The problems in our health care system are hurting Nevada communities like Boulder City, which are already struggling in these tough economic times. Costs are too high, patients are delaying care, and hospitals are spending time and energy staving off cuts while providing care for patients.

With more than 18 percent of Nevadans uninsured, this is a serious problem children, families and small businesses face every day. Health care reform is about the parent who cannot take a sick child to the doctor because insurance is prohibitively expensive. It is about the small business that has to choose between laying off employees or cutting health care. And it is about reducing wait times in emergency rooms where people who can’t afford to see a doctor go for treatment because they cannot legally be turned away. The health of our citizens and our economy are at stake; neither will recover if we do not make health care more affordable.

This will not be accomplished in a day. Congress needs input from all sides to create solutions that truly work for Nevadans. We are already taking steps to make a real difference now by regulating how tobacco products are manufactured, sold and marketed and increasing the number of medical residencies in our community hospitals.

Congress recently passed bipartisan legislation giving the Federal Food and Drug Administration authority to prevent tobacco advertising targeting children and the sale of tobacco products to minors, to help smokers overcome their addiction and to make tobacco products less toxic for those who use them. By protecting children from tobacco we can ensure the health of the next generation.

One of the problems with health care in Nevada is a shortage of doctors, which is why I introduced a bill that will create more Medicare-funded physician residency training positions. By increasing the number of doctors in Medicare-funded residencies we can end the doctor shortage and keep up with the increasing need for doctors by keeping the ones who come here for training.

I look forward to working with you and receiving input about the difficulties you face in getting quality, affordable healthcare. Working together, we can create solutions so everyone can get the care they need when they need it.
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