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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Spring Cleaning
Now is the time to clean out the clutter. It will feel so good to make some space, or more to the point, to see how much space is already there if we get all of the stuff out of the way.

Start with one room, and if that seems overwhelming, start with one drawer. Use two large bags, one for trash and one for items to be donated. Its nice to keep a bag marked donations in the garage all year round to keep your house clutter free. For those that have a hard time parting with all of their great stuff, consider that someone else may really benefit from your donation. It can be wonderful to share what you have while lightening your load.

Drop your favorite magazines off at a doctor’s office waiting room. Check your closet for old clothes that may be considered vintage or period clothing. Perhaps your local high school theater department would appreciate them. Donate unwanted blankets and towels to a homeless shelter. Animal shelters and veterinary clinics usually appreciate these donations as well. Donate bathrobes that are clean and in impeccable condition to a senior care center. Ways to donate are endless. Enjoy the process of giving while you enjoy the process of letting go.

You may find that as soon as you purge a room or a desktop, your breathing changes. You instinctively take a deep breath. There’s literally more breathing space, and you feel it. You can notice the beauty and peacefulness of your home. Spring clean your yard while you’re at it. Sweep up, trim down, and enjoy the magnificent fresh air in the process. Then you can plant a few flowers and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.

Continue spring cleaning by cleaning up your mind. Clear up the accumulated piles of resentment and anger, as though you were consciously putting them out with the trash. Feel the spaciousness when your conversations aren’t cluttered with gossip and other garbage talk. Start to get rid of old habits (like complaining) that are weighing you down. Bring beauty and inspiration into your mind. You’ll feel more lighthearted and free.

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