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by Bruce L. Woodbury, Esq.
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Elder Abuse
Many of us have seen or heard of situations where frail and elderly people are victimized in various ways by others. This can take various forms and can involve family members, caregivers, sales people, neighbors or strangers. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon cases. Since senior citizens constitute an ever-increasing percentage of our society’s population, we should all do whatever we can to help protect our friends, neighbors and relatives who may be vulnerable to such abuse.

The following is taken from an article in “Solutions For Seniors” by James M. O’Reilly:

Certain characteristics of elder abuse may help you to identify its signs during encounters with an elderly person.

Types of abuse:

Physical abuse: Conduct that results in bodily harm or mental distress, including assault, denial of another’s rights, sexual abuse and bodily constraint.

Psychological abuse: Threats or actions provoking the fear of violence or isolation, including name calling or insults.

Financial exploitation: Theft of money or property by a relative or caregiver without the knowledge or consent of the victim. Also, exerting undue influence to persuade the victim to make a gift or to change a will or trust.

Causes of abuse:

·Dependence of older adults on their abusers for their basic needs.

·Inadequate emotional, financial or social resources for family caregivers, leading to resentment, exhaustion and guilt.

·Physical or mental impairments of older adults that preclude them from reporting abuse.

·Destructive family cycles in which a child abused by a parent becomes an adult abuser of the older parent.

·Widely held negative attitudes and dehumanizing stereotypes of older people.

If you suspect elder abuse, report it. Reports can be submitted to: Clark County Senior Protective Services, 455-8672; Nevada Division for Aging Services, 486-3545; Metropolitan Police, Abuse and Neglect Division, 828-3364; or the 24-hour Crisis Hotline, (800) 992-5757.
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