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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Keep Consumer Costs Low

Jon Porter voted no on H.R. 6. If enacted the legislation would negatively impact consumers in Nevada by raising the price of heating oil. “I have long supported renewable energy sources but H.R. 6 simply hurts Nevada families.”

On January 17th, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported the use of heating oil has increased 90% in Nevada since last year. Las Vegas has seen an abnormally cold winter in 2007. Additional costs to the oil and gas companies would subsequently be passed along to Nevada consumers. At the pump, experts have told Congressman Porter that H.R. 6 would not result in lower prices but, long-term, increase gasoline prices. 

Porter found additional flaws with the legislation. H.R. 6 would intensify our dependence on foreign sources of energy and give OPEC producing nations an enormous advantage in the global marketplace. Second, the legislation relies on a misconception that the natural gas and oil industries are not part of the U.S. manufacturing sector. Many industry employees are situated on the Gulf coast where jobs continue to be scarce.

“This legislation, were it to become law, could lead to higher gas prices, the loss of American manufacturing jobs, and increased dependence on foreign fuels. It is the opposite of the sensible energy policies that Nevadans expect.”

In 2005 Congressman Porter supported the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which established tax credits for alternative energy, created mandatory renewable fuel standards by 2012 and protected the hydropower industry which is critical to Nevada. Consumers will be directly impacted by this legislation, if enacted.

Congressman Porter supported the motion to recommit, offered by Rep. Jim McCrery, which would have sent H.R. 6 to the Committees on Ways and Means, Budget, Natural Resources and Rules so that hearings could be conducted and members could vote on thoughtful, substantive energy legislation.

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