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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Concurrent Receipt For Boulder City Veterans

Nevada’s veterans are a tremendous source of pride for our state. They have worked hard to defend our country and it is my belief that the government should work hard for them in return.

That is why I recently introduced The Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2007 - also known as “concurrent receipt.” This is very important legislation to veterans because it allows them to be eligible to collect both disability compensation and retirement pay simultaneously. This issue is a priority for veterans in Boulder City and across the state of Nevada and this great nation, as disabled veterans are currently facing the injustice of forfeiting their retirement pay if they receive disability compensation.  

Nevada is home to the nation’s third largest veteran population. Our state currently has approximately 250,000 veterans living within its borders, many of whom are not receiving the benefits that they are entitled to and are desperately in need of.
I don’t believe it is fair that men and women who have fought to defend our nation have to fight at home for benefits that they have rightfully earned. It is a disgrace that veterans burdened with a severe disability are the only federal retirees who are denied retirement pay.  

I have long been an advocate for veterans, fighting hard year after year in Washington to bring justice to this issue. For seven years I have introduced legislation to improve veteran benefits, and supported numerous veteran initiatives including The Combat-Related Special Compensation Act, improvements in veterans’ health care across Nevada, and an increase in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It is not enough to say we support our troops, we must demonstrate it. We not only owe the brave men and women in our military a debt of gratitude, but we owe them full benefits for their invaluable service and sacrifice.

We would never abandon a soldier on the battlefield, and we should not abandon disabled veterans when they return home. It is time for our nation to have a fair, comprehensive plan that provides veterans the ability to collect disability and retirement pay concurrently; I will not rest until this happens.

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