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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

Annual Budget
February is the time when Boulder City Library District and other local government agencies begin the process of drafting their budgets for the coming year. Local governments in Nevada operate on a fiscal year which begins on July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.

Boulder City Library District is a special district governed by a 5-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Clark County Commissioners. The Library Board, among its other governing functions, adopts an annual budget which is prepared in accordance with Nevada statutory and administrative requirements. The Library Board, typically, reviews the first draft of the budget at the March meeting, makes suggestions for changes at subsequent meetings, and adopts the final budget in May.

The Library District is funded mainly by sales tax and property taxes from within the District. This year, local property tax contributes 39.9% to the Library District’s operating fund, sales taxes about 55.4% and all other items (grants, gifts, fines, fees and interest) make up about 4.7% of revenues. Total revenue budgeted for this year is $994,465, which is quite good for a community our size.

Expenditures for salaries and benefits consume 57.9% of the budget, operating costs and supplies are 24%, library materials (books, subscriptions, and A/V items) are 15.6% of the budget and equipment and building improvements are 2.5% of the budget.

The Library employs 15 people with full-time equivalency of 13.75 (some employees are part-time). The Library is open 62 hours per week.

The Library District maintains a separate Debt Service Fund for payoff of library bonds. Revenue for the Debt Service Fund comes from local property taxes. The current series of library bonds will be retired in 2019.

Boulder City Library District, like all other local governments in Nevada, is required to be audited annually by an independent auditor. The Library District completed its audit for the 2005/2006 fiscal year in December. The Library’s audit report is a public record document and is available for inspection in the Library’s Director’s office.

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