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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

What Does 800 MGHZ Mean For Boulder City?
Currently Boulder City Police, Fire, Public Works, as well as the Boulder City Constable are utilizing a VHF radio for the transmission of information. While this system has worked nicely for us for the last few decades, it is an old system and has its limitations.

One such limitation deals directly with coverage. Currently there are locations throughout our jurisdiction where we are unable to effectively and reliably communicate with dispatch or other officers. Needless to say, in a time of crisis or anytime for that matter, officer safety is compromised.

The 800 MGHZ system will solve this problem as well as many more. The new system, which is about to be installed, will be integrated into the Southern Nevada Area Communication Council (SNACC). While the jury is still out, other member agencies report having communications with their dispatch centers from Laughlin to almost Mesquite. Considering the fact that today we are unable to communicate throughout our own jurisdiction, this is a great improvement.

SNACC Members are also able to communicate with each other without delay. Under our current system, we communicate with other agencies through two separate dispatchers. While we have an outstanding dispatch staff, valuable time is lost and sometimes misunderstood. Under the new system we simply change channels and speak directly to other officers, firefighters or dispatch centers.

Boulder City has much to gain at very little cost, considering this project is approximately 90% funded by a federal grant obtained by Captain Ed Hulbert of the Fire Department. His diligence in the Emergency Management arena is to thank for this much needed upgrade.

This system, as well as the lobby in the police department, the old entrance to the senior center, should be completed sometime during the latter part of June or early July of 2007. Perhaps on your morning stroll around this beautiful town you could stop by the Department and see how the construction is coming along. Until next month, stay safe.

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