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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Safeguarding Nevada's Energy Future
Helping Nevada is, as always, at the top of my list.  One of my top legislative priorities in the 110th Congress is securing energy independence for our state and America.  That’s why my Democratic colleagues and I recently announced our commitment to craft an energy independence plan that will save Nevadans money, protect our environment, and make our country safer. 

Recently, you may have noticed prices rising at the pump, or an abnormally high utility bill, or even the unusual weather patterns sweeping the country.  All of these things demonstrate the need to reevaluate our nation’s energy situation and work toward developing a safer and more sustainable energy policy. 

Nevada has been too dependent on other states for energy for too long, as the nation has relied too much on unstable foreign countries for oil.  I have been working to change that and to reduce the risks of global warming by pushing hard toward renewable energy.  
We need Congress and the President working together to focus on a better energy policy that rewards hard working Nevadans not just big energy companies’ profit margins.  Our national security requires us to reduce our overdependence on oil, particularly from foreign sources.   We can do that quickly by switching to biofuels, more fuel efficient cars and trucks, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles powered by the sun, wind or geothermal energy.     
A recent study by the nonpartisan Apollo Alliance suggests that a major investment in these kinds of energy technologies could add more than 3.3 million new jobs to America’s economy and pay for itself within 10 years. In Nevada, more than 3,300 jobs would be created. 

The time has come for Congress to address our energy future. At my urging, the Chairs of the Senate Committees that deal with energy issues are eager to put America on the right course. I hope that Boulder City and all Nevada will join with us in the fight for a more energy independent State and nation.  Our country will be safer, our energy rates will be lower, clean domestic production greater, and the environment will be healthier.

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