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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Thwarting Spam

As a professional Internet Service Provider, I understand first hand how spam and viruses cost time and money. I am in the same predicament as most of my clients in that I receive too many of each. However, unlike most of my clients, I have over 100 e-mail accounts and they are all public on the internet. I used to get about 1,800 spam e-mails a day, even after using three software filters.

These pesky e-mails take up space in the mail boxes and greatly slow down the internet. Then there is the waste of time to look through all of the spam, just in case you overlooked one of your “good” e-mails.

One of the other problems with spam is that much of the spam software created to assist in filtering spam might just make it more difficult to send and receive “good” e-mails. If you receive a weekly e-mail from a business, the spam filtering software might think it is spam and discard it. I had a small group of clients that could not even e-mail each other throughout the same office because of their strict internal spam protection!

I have recently added new spam protection to my internet server. The server is the group of computers that regulates the hosting of my clients’ websites and related e-mail accounts. Now this server uses software and hardware, at an extra cost per e-mail account, to filter much of the unwanted spam. In fact, due to this new spam filter system, I actually only receive a couple of spams per day. What a nice change and a real time saver.

Of course, this is a huge change of habit . For those of us who are used to turning on our computer to a full inbox, we have a surprise. I have been hearing from my clients that their e-mail is not working! Clients have told me such things as, “I used to get 80 e-mails a day and now I only get 12.” So I ask them, “Out of those 80 e-mails, how many were spam?” “About 68.” Then the light goes on. Computer users are so used to going through spam, they actually miss it when it’s gone!

Spam and viruses are still out there, even with filters. Don’t forget to back up your files!

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